Why I am Running For City Council

A few years ago, my family and I were on the search for a new home. It would need a stellar school system, neighborly feel, and active community. We found that in Shawnee. We chose to make Shawnee our home and have been honored to join such a welcoming and passionate city.

When we moved here I was astonished at the participation in local civil government. Not every town is so engaged. I was excited to listen in the meetings and hear the activities of our council. Unfortunately, while there were positive changes, there were some votes shocking enough to make headlines and other beneficial votes were barely passing. I want to run to support Shawnee's long-term growth. I want to be there to vote for measures that will benefit my children's children and generations beyond. I want to make sure Shawnee continues to be the place businesses, families, and individuals want to call home.

The current City Council's actions have lead to a mass exodus of qualified staff. I'm here to support the city workers that make Shawnee great. Learn More Here

My Promise

  • Listen to both my community and fellow council members to work effectively, patiently, and reasonably towards solutions.
  • Read the information provided and investigate further as needed to make well-informed decisions.
  • Support plans that focus on long-term, sustainable fiscal and community growth.

My Priorities

In one Word: Community

  • I want to make sure that what we build today lasts a lifetime. Construction should be long-lasting and a benefit to future generations.
  • Fiscally Responsible. Bringing new growth and industry into Shawnee while keeping our budget sustainable.
  • Celebrate our community. Promote and maintain events that bring us together. Parades, holiday celebrations, parks and rec, strong school system.


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